Rajon Rondo hopes to avoid suspension


From The Celtics Blog…

Tempers flare, heat of the battle, blah blah blah. It was stupid to go after the ref like that and it was stupid to bump him. I’m not sure if I believe he “tripped” or not, but even if he did, it was stupid and selfish to go after the ref like that. I love Rondo, love him. I accept that he gets heated, this isn’t intended to be a total rip job on him. I just think he made a stupid move last night.

The question is, how much will it cost him and the team?

“I was upset with the [foul call on Brandon Bass] and I said something to [Davis],’’ Rondo said. “As I was walking, I thought he stopped and my momentum carried me into him. I think I might even tripped on his foot. I didn’t intentionally chest-bump him.’’ Asked about a possible suspension, Rondo replied, “We’ll see, it’s out of my control. Obviously, I want to be there for my teammates but, other than that, I have no control right now.’’

The key question will be if NBA disciplinarian Stu Jackson determines Rondo made the contact intentionally. Here is the rule that Jackson will be referencing as he watches the Rondo incident on a continual loop tomorrow morning:

Any player or coach guilty of intentional physical contact with an official shall automatically be suspended without pay for one game.

I fully expect him to be suspended for game 2.

Nobody is going to give up on the game with or without Rondo, but losing one of your best players could certainly make it easy for the Hawks to go up 2 games to none – and that’s even with them missing on of their key players in Horford.


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