Harrellson, Orton, Mohammed and Azubuike combine to play 0 minutes


After watching over 5 hours of basketball in hopes of catching a glimpse of an Azubuike dunk, a Josh Harrellson three, a Mohammed rebound, or an Orton block, I have nothing to show for it. No amazing tales of heroism or game-winning baskets. No stories about how awesome our guys played. Nothing. Our boys got bageled, combining to play 0 minutes in 3 NBA playoff games. So how could this happen?

I blame the coaching staffs, their teammates, the owners, David Stern, Doug Gottlieb, goat cheese and soccer fans.

It’s late and I’m obviously cranky, so let’s get to some quick-hitters about tonight’s action…

– The Knicks lost their 12th playoff game in a row and they now trail the Miami Heat 2-0. Unless they start playing Josh, they are not going to win this series. It’s that simple.

– I need to get this off my chest: Carmelo Anthony plays absolutely no defense. Every single time he thinks he’s been fouled he complains to the ref and doesn’t get back to defend. He stares at the ball and looses track of his man. He just sucks at defense. If he played like that at Kentucky, Calipari would have his butt on the bench faster than a John Wall fastbreak.

– Amar’e Stoudemire lacerated his hand following the Knicks loss to the Heat. Some are saying he punched a fire extinguisher, but imagine he cut it on a hunting knife when he reached into Josh’s gym bag.

– Tonight was the first game that Daniel Orton did not play for the Magic since 4/7/2012 when he didn’t play against the 76ers. The Magic lost to the Pacers, with the series tied at 1-1.

– Kelenna Azubuike might be as good looking as Randall Cobb. It’s really close.

– Despite playing in all but 3 of the Oklahoma City Thunders’ regular season games, Nazr Mohammed has now not played in two consecutive games. What the hell?

– Kendrick Perkins tried to punch UK fan Dirk Nowitzki after Nowitzki pushed him. They both got technical fouls. I think he deserves to be suspended for the rest of the playoffs, if for no other reason than Nazr Mohammed would probably get a chance to play more and the person he tried to punch was a UK fan.

– Don’t forget that tomorrow night Boston plays in Altanta for Game 2 of their series with the Hawks. Rondo will not be participating due to his suspension for bumping a ref, which is why the game is being aired on NBA TV. If Rondo isn’t playing, no one cares. The Hawks won Game 1.

– Jodie Meeks and the 76ers will be taking on the Bulls tomorrow night at 8:00 in a game that you can watch on TNT. Meeks started last game, but only played 10 minutes. A lot of Sixers fans would like to see Evan Turner get the start, but hopefully Doug Collins’ love for Jodie Meeks will keep him in the starting lineup. Collins is a coach who loves to focus on matchups, so now that Derrick Rose is out, maybe Doug will focus on ways to get Jodie involved on offense. He can light it up when he gets hot. The Bulls won Game 1.

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