Jodie Meeks and the 76ers take on the Bulls at 8:00 on TNT


The big story going into tonight’s game is whether or not Evan Turner will start tonight over Jodie Meeks. Head coach Doug Collins was non-committal earlier today at the pre-game press conference about whether he would make the switch, adding “we’ll find out soon enough”.

Meeks started Game 1, but had trouble guarding the much bigger Richard Hamilton, who is 6’7. After playing 7 minutes in the first quarter, Meeks played just 3 minutes the rest of the game.

Whether Meeks starts or not, I think it would be foolish not to play your best shooter in the playoffs. Doug Collins is a smart coach (evidenced by the fact that he loves Jodie) so hopefully he can find a way to take advantage of Mr. 54.

The Bulls went 18-9 in games without Derrick Rose, so just because the former MVP is out doesn’t mean the Bulls will lose. Should be a good game.

Live Jodie Meeks Gamecast Link


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