Jodie Meeks plays 1 minute, Celtics win without Rondo


Another night of NBA playoff basketball, another night of disappointing NBA Cat performances, albeit for different reasons.

The Celtics, playing without the suspended Rajon Rondo and the injured Ray Allen, somehow found a way to get a tough road win against the Hawks, tying the series at 1-1. The game was on NBA TV and I didn’t watch it. I guess if you’re a Celtics fan you are probably excited. I am just waiting for Rondo to get back to doing what he does best in Game 3. Hopefully he can put the suspension behind him and continue being the best playmaker in the NBA today.

The 76ers, who decided to only play Jodie Meeks 1 minute tonight, also found a way to get a tough road win against the Rose-less Bulls, tying their series at 1-1. It was an exciting game and the Sixers completely dominated the second half, but I don’t really care about that. If Jodie wasn’t playing on their team, I would probably be cheering against them. At this point, the prospects of Jodie playing any kind of significant minutes the remainder of this series seems slim to none. Hopefully Evan Turner gets in a fight with a fire extinguisher and breaks his hand.


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