Could Tayshaun Prince be joining the ranks of CatAnalysts Jamal Mashburn and Jimmy Dykes?



From The Detroit Free Press…

Tayshaun Prince has always been considered a coach-on-the-floor by the numerous men who have been Pistons head coach during his 10-year career, although the 32-year-old forward downplays any suggestion that he will call the shots from the bench when he retires.

But what about becoming one of TV’s talking heads?

Prince was a guest analyst for NBATV during the network’s telecast of Game 2 of the first-round Hawks-Celtics series, which the Celtics won to even the series and now lead, 2-1.

Prince discussed a wide range of topics:

On the biggest challenge Atlanta presented to the Pistons this year: “The most challenging thing for us was Josh Smith. It was his ability to get rebounds and push the ball up the court. Josh Smith is the key.”

On key players on the Hawks’ bench: “Willie Green is a guy that can get explosive off the bench and explore in a limited amount of minutes. Tracy McGrady is a facilitator. He’s not looking to score as much right now but he can really post guys up, and he can find guys.”

On New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire missing time due to a hand injury: “It is definitely disheartening. You definitely have to keep your emotions in check. The NBA playoffs are a high level of basketball and we know guys get pumped up about it. I know he feels he let his teammates down. This is a tough situation for that team.”

On Derrick Rose’s injury and its impact on the 76ers/Bulls series: “Coach (Tom) Thibodeau has his team ready. It doesn’t matter who is on the floor. He gets his guys ready to play. What has to happen is Philadelphia has to seize the moment. They have a chance to knock out the Eastern Conference champions with their best player missing.”

On Celtics head coach Doc Rivers’ coaching ability: “He’s been through the war, he’s won a championship. He’s got good experienced guys on his team.”

I think we might have the next Jay Bilas on our hands, except Prince is actually good at playing basketball.

(source: here)


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