David Aldridge would like to see Anthony Davis end up in Toronto

(He wants me to go where?)

From Raptors HQ…

The NBA Draft lottery is still a few weeks away but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of speculation going on already about how things will turn out.

The Raptors of course, currently have the eighth-best odds of landing the number one overall pick, aka Kentucky stud Anthony Davis. That means they’re long-shots to move into the top spot on May 30, but NBA.com’s David Aldridge is hoping that’s exactly what happens.

From the post:

Toronto is like that ex-girlfriend you haven’t seen in 15 years. You lost touch with her, and then you heard she got fat and you were secretly happy about it, but then you heard a year ago that she had a lousy boyfriend who treated her bad, and you felt sorry for her and hoped she was doing okay. (If you’re a woman reading this, just substitute “boyfriend” for “girlfriend” where appropriate, “him” for “her” and “he” for “she.”)

Toronto has pieces, but it doesn’t have that centerpiece around which you can build a real contender. Imagine a frontcourt of the 7-foot Bargnani, the 6-foot-11 Davis and 7-foot-2 center Jonas Valenciunas, whom the Raptors took in the first round last season and expect will come over to the NBA next season after spending the year playing in Europe. Imagine what Jose Calderon and DeRozan could do with Davis swatting shots and igniting the fast break.

Not a bad image for a Monday afternoon…

Not a bad image? That is the worst image I have ever had in the history of Monday afternoons…except for that one Monday I imagined this.

No offense Toronto, but the only player from Kentucky that I’m ok with playing for the Raptors is Canadian Jamaal Magloire, and even then, I would prefer him somewhere else.

No matter how good you are, when you play on a team in Canada, no one cares.

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