Rondo is the head of Voltron

(That’s a Voltron)

From ESPN…

Leave it to Kevin Garnett to sum up what the loss of Rajon Rondo would mean if the point guard is suspended for Game 2 against the Hawks.

“Doc’s system, man, Doc’s system is predicated towards hard work and playing hard,” said Garnett. “You want certain personnel in certain positions, but this team is built to where you move pieces and you put pieces into the structure to where it runs continually like a wheel. Rondo, obviously, he’s the head that forms Voltron; He’s the black lion. Obviously, you have other pieces you can put in there, manipulate and keep things going, so we’re going to continue to be who we are and right now that’s just being better for Game 2.”

Rondo single-handedly kept Boston in Game 1 with his offensive exploits, both handing out 11 assists, but attacking the basket while matching Garnett with a team-high 20 points (on 10 of 18 shooting).

“I just tried to read the pick-and-roll,” said Rondo. “I still tried to distribute the ball. Guys made shots, guys missed shots, but at the same time, I wanted to try to attack. The lane was opening up and I tried to take advantage of it.”

(source: here)


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