The Celtics have their eyes on Doron Lamb


Rajon Rondo and Doron Lamb on the same team? Yes please.

From Hardwood Houdini…

Option #1: Doron Lamb

With Ray Allen a free agent, sophomore Doron Lamb makes sense in a lot of ways. He is a great scorer who shot 50% from the floor as a freshman, and his mid range game is stellar, but his three point shot is even more deadly. He’s a good defender, and should adapt quickly to the NBA.

Best of all? He should be available when the Celtics select at #22 overall.

Will he replace Ray Allen? No, no, he won’t. But long term, the Celtics need options and Lamb is a big enough shooting guard to contend with the Dwyane Wades and Kobe Bryants, and he stands 6’5″ in shoes and has a 6’7″ wingspan. Some feel he is small, but its prototypical of shooting guards to have a body similar to Lamb’s, and his true value will lie in the offensive end, anyway.

Pairing Lamb with Rondo makes a lot of sense, since Rondo is a notoriously poor shooter. When Rondo penetrates, Lamb would be there for the kick out, easily able to nail a long range two or even a three. He still has to add some strength, but should prove to be ready sooner than later.

Will Lamb blow us away should we be lucky enough to land him? Maybe not initially, but as Lamb matures, his game should render him a career long starter in the NBA. He has the potential to be even better, but he is not a showstopper, nor does he have unlimited potential. In many ways, it is what you see is what you get with Lamb, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Kentucky did, after all, just win a National Championship in March.

(source: here)


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