Rajon Rondo vs. Jodie Meeks and thoughts from tonight’s action


With the 76ers beating the Bulls earlier tonight, and with the Celtics beating the Hawks, we are headed for a Rajon Rondo vs. Jodie Meeks second round playoff matchup, which should be a great series and guarantees that at least one UK player will be playing in the Eastern Conference Finals.

A couple of notes from tonight…


Doug Collins is a liar

Following the 76ers Game 5 loss to the Bulls, head coach Doug Collins hinted that Jodie Meeks might see increased minutes in Game 6. So how many minutes did Jodie Meeks play? 6 minutes. Don’t play with me Collins, I don’t like being lied to.

Many people in Philly have suggested that the reason Jodie saw his minutes cut so drastically against the Bulls was because he couldn’t guard the 6’7 Richard Hamilton. Ray Allen is only 6’4 and really old, so hopefully Jodie can get back to playing his usual 24 minutes a game (his season average) against the Celtics.

Meeks is averaged just 5.3 minutes per game agains the Bulls.


Rajon Rondo’s assist streak comes to rest at 28 games

March 9th. That was the last time Rondo didn’t have at least 10 assists in a basketball game. The streak comes to an end at 28 games, which ranks 3rd in NBA history, trailing only John Stockton (29) and Magic Johnson (49).

Other than the ref bump, the zebra jacket, and the blown play at the end of Game 5, Rondo has been spectacular in the first round of the playoffs.

Through 5 playoff games, Rondo is averaging 16.8 ppg, 11.8 apg, 5.6 rpg and 3.4 spg.

Go NBA Cats!!


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