Daniel Orton: Strength – Bench Warming, Weakness – Knee Ligaments

What happens when you search for DeAndre Liggins highlights on YouTube? You get a seriously stupid scouting report video made by some guy named JayKayCreations.

And we are seriously stupidly deciding to show it to you.

If you don’t want to hear the strengths and weaknesses of all the Magic players (a couple of them are funny, others not so much) you can skip to the 1:56 mark to hear Liggins and Ortons stupid scouting report. The one about Daniel Orton did make me laugh, but I didn’t get the one about Liggins weakness being “one-and-doning it”.

If he’s trying to say that Liggins is only going to last one year in the NBA I will find out where this guy lives and punch him in his seriously stupid face and tell people that his videos are stupid and lame and fat and belimic and not funny I will not be happy.

If he’s just trying to joke at how much success Kentucky has had in the one-and-done era (Final Four, National Championship) then I love this guy and I think his videos are awesome.


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