Doron Lamb has been receiving interest from NBA teams


According to, eight teams have reached out to Doron Lamb, including the Bulls, Celtics, Thunder and Nets. Famed high school coach Ron Naclerio recently sat down with Nation of Blue to talk about Doron and his NBA future.

From Nation of Blue…

“I was talking with him earlier about it, and if there is one thing Doron has over some of the players at his position in his range, he has the ability to play both guard positions. Other players like Dion Waiters, Terrence Ross, and Jeremy Lamb don’t have the experience put forth by Lamb recently.”

Lamb has yet to sign with an agent, according to Naclerio, but it could come very soon. Nevertheless, Lamb and his camp have already heard from a few NBA teams.

“I believe Doron said eight or so teams have already reached out to him there at the end of the first round. I know the Bulls, Celtics, Thunder, and Nets are some teams.”

“I think he would be a great fit with the Boston Celtics. He could really benefit from Rajon Rondo creating shots for him, and he also could backup Rajon and get some more minutes,” Naclerio pointed out. “The Bulls wouldn’t be a bad place either with Derrick Rose, but he wouldn’t get as many minutes as a backup point guard.”

No matter where Lamb ends up, Naclerio does know one thing: the sharp-shooter isn’t settling for anything right now.

“Doron isn’t taking anything for granted right now. He is working hard, and he wants to be a good NBA player. If he puts his mind to it, he will be a productive player. Not everyone has the ability to shoot like him.”

Not only does Naclerio like the idea of Lamb playing in Boston, Boston likes the idea of Lamb playing in Boston.

So do we.


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