Nazr Mohammed invites teammates over to watch Game 7 of the Lakers-Nuggets series


So where does an NBA player making millions of dollars and his millionaire teammates watch the big game?

On a 19″ tv in Nazr Mohammed’s kitchen.


Nazr Mohammed had his OKC Thunder teammates over to catch Game Seven of the Lakers-Nuggets series. It is nothing new for players on the same team to get together to “scout” their upcoming opponents. What is odd is that they all congregated in the kitchen to watch the game on a miniscule 19 inch TV.

Nazr Mohammed wrote on in his picture caption on Instagram, “50″ in the living room but everybody in the kitchen around the 19″ lol…#AllAboutTheFood @royalTivey @miniT21 @cldtoon @jusmelo @trey5”

So even professional athletes huddle up in the kitchen during a party just like average Joes.
It’s all about cutting down the commute to the food as Nazr mentioned.

Nazr and the Thunder play Game 1 against the Lakers tonight at 9:30.

(source: here)


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