While you wait for the Clippers game tonight, a couple of cool playoff stats about Eric Bledsoe


Eric Bledsoe and the Clippers play Game 1 of their second round playoff series with the San Antonio Spurs tonight at 9:30 on TNT.

While reading up on previews for the game tonight, I stumbled upon this article, which was filled up with stats, a couple of which mentioned our boy Bledsoe.

– Best one-year adjusted plus/minus: Eric Bledsoe posted a +17.78 in 463.55 minutes, according to Basketball Value.

I have no idea what “one-year adjusted plus/minus” means, but it sounds badass.

– Best playoff lineup: The Bledsoe-Williams-Young-Evans-Martin outscored their opponents by 18.95 points per 100 possession in 32.5 minutes this postseason.

It always seemed like the Clippers were better when Bledsoe was on the court, and now we have proof.

Hopefully Vinny Del Negro and his racist sounding name will get wind of this critical information and make the decision to start Bledsoe over Chris Paul tonight.

At this point, how could you not? Numbers don’t lie.


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