Rajon Rondo’s post-game comments following the Celtics Game 2 loss to the 76ers

After last night’s loss to the 76ers Rondo met with reporters to give his post-game comments. As usual, he made one reporter feel like an idiot.

Reporter Lady: Rondo, Paul [Pierce] talked about getting defensive stops down the stretch, moving forward, what kind of adjustements do you guys have to make?

Rondo: Just better individual one-on-one defense.

Reporter Lady: Can you expand on that?

Rondo: It’s self-explanatory.

I don’t think Rondo is intentionally being a jerk as much as I think he’s just a guy with absolutely no patience and who’s smarter than 99% of the people he encounters on a daily basis. Rondo is a cerebral player who at times can let his emotions get the best of him (and do stupid things like bump an official and scream at a cameraman) but underneath all of that, I truly believe Rondo is a pretty nice guy. If nothing else, he’s a generous guy.

Through a program called Boston’s Got Wings, Rondo and Red Bull donate $750 for every steal that he gets during the season to the Bostons Park and Recreation Department to build basketball courts. In 2 years the program has raised $147,250 and built 13 basketball courts in 2011.

I don’t know why I got off on this rant, but I just feel like Rondo is a misunderstood player. When you don’t know a person, and rely on others to form an opinion of that person you don’t know, you still don’t know that person.

Just because Rondo doesn’t like answering questions, bad calls from refs, people filming him and good looking blazers doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.

If we ever get an interview with Rondo, I will not be asking him to expand on anything.


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