Top NBACat Google Searches


One of the best things about running a blog is getting to read all of the dirty and disgusting google searches you people do in order to end up at These were my favorites over the last 7 days.

Rondo is a Jerk – Why did you capitalize jerk? Also, how dare you.

is rajon rondo a jerk – Thank you for not capitalizing jerk. No, Rondo is not a jerk. Are you friends with that other guy?

what if the toronto raptors get anthony davis – Toronto will be struck by a giant meteroite that destroys the basketball arena and forces the team to move to Louisville, KY where it will be renamed the Kentucky Colonels. Anthony Davis will become a 15-time NBA champion and MVP.

an welchen tag ist der nba draft2012 – Your welcome.

Did Rajon Rondo and Jodie Meeks play together at UK – No.

vinny del negro racist name – What were you hoping to read about his racist name? A list of other racist sounding names? How racist people think his name is?

whats the smallest shoe size player in the nba – What is a “shoe size player”? I hope you lost your bet.

jimmer – NOOOOOOO!!!


1 Comment

  1. MrsNBACats

    I always google “White guy in long johns and cowboy hat.” Gets me to every time.

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