Celtics are hoping that Terrence Jones is still on the board when they make their selection


From Hardwood Houdini…

Terrence Jones may be a long shot at picks #21, 22 for the Celtics, but landing Terrence Jones would be a big heist for the White and Green. His athleticism dictates that he will at least have some success and he has a great face up game and the length to make it work. He’s good at passing out of double teams and his body is NBA ready. He would begin to train behind Paul Pierce, and then in two or three seasons, take over as the de facto small forward for the team.

He shoots some unusual shots and doesn’t always have the killer instinct we look for in players, but often his athleticism makes it to where that doesn’t even matter. He sometimes appears goofy at times on the court, but he should fall more into his own shoes as he matures, as sometimes players who have later growth spurts take longer to adapt to their massive frames, and Jones has a massive frame for someone 6’8″.

Jones was a top 20 recruit coming out of high school, but was only 6’3″ as a freshman, and he grew the remaining 5-6″ during high school, so he will adjust. He still has the point guard skills, but they appear awkward now, and as he hones that he could become the kind of player the Celtics really benefit from. It’s a bit early to say where the Celtics will be in two seasons, after Pierce retires and Jones took over, but it’s an interesting scenario worth considering.

While the idea of Rajon Rondo throwing alley-oops to Terrence Jones is something I would definitely love to see, the Celtics are delusional if they think they’ll be able to draft him with the 21st pick. He will be long gone by then.

If the Celtics are serious about nabbing Jones, they’ll need to find a way to trade up to draft him.

(source: here)


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  1. in your face

    i would love to see TJ on the celtics.

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