Anthony Davis would be the perfect complement to Demarcus Cousins


The Sacramento Kings will most likely be looking to add a big man in the upcoming June 28th draft to complement Demarcus Cousins and just like every other team in the NBA, they’re hoping it will be Anthony Davis.

From SacTown Royalty…

The Kings have staked their future in a big man once again as DeMarcus Cousins broke out to become the team’s best player last season. Now the question seems to be who can the Kings get that will fit in with DeMarcus best? Jason Thompson was the main man last season, performing very well off of the ball. The previous season the Kings had Samuel Dalembert next to Cousins providing a shotblocking and rebounding presence, although Dalembert often tried to do a bit more than necessary on offense.

In looking for DeMarcus Cousins’ ideal frontcourt partner, this draft offers up many, many options. In DraftExpress’ current mock draft, 8 of the lottery picks are big men, and 14 of the 30 first rounders. The clear #1 pick in the draft, Anthony Davis, is also a big man. If I had to bet, I’d say the Kings will probably end up drafting a big man, not only because of the abundance of them, but also the fact that they could use more depth there.

There are very, very few players I would rather have be DeMarcus Cousins’ frontcourt partner of the future over Anthony Davis. In fact, the only one that I would 100% take over him is Dwight Howard. Davis looks to be a fantastic player in his own right, the clear-cut best player in College Basketball last year as a Freshman. But his skills are the perfect complement to DeMarcus. Davis is a player who can have a huge impact on the game without needing the ball. If you look at his usage rate, he has the second lowest usage rate among the big men listed. Yet when he was asked to score, he was ridiculously efficient, posting the second highest True Shooting Percentage. On the glass, Davis is a solid, not amazing rebounder, but that’s ok because DeMarcus is an amazing rebounder. Where Davis makes his living is on the defensive side of things where he is just an absurd shotblocker. Davis had a 13.7% Block Rate in one of the top divisions of College Basketball. If the Kings were somehow lucky enough to land Davis, the Kings would have the building blocks of a dynasty.

I like the sound of that.


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