New York Knicks are keeping an eye on Darius Miller


After losing to the Miami Heat in the first round of the NBA playoffs the Knicks are looking to address a number of team needs this off-season. Josh Harrellson is under contract for next year (scheduled to make $762,195) so the Knicks won’t need to worry about drafting a center for the next 15 years, but they do need athletic wing players who went to schools that prepare you for the NBA and can play defense.

Sounds just like Darius Miller.


The Knicks’ best option may be the draft, but of course, they may not have any picks (UPDATE: The Knicks have confirmed that they do, in fact, have their second-round pick this year. It was previously reported that they forfeited their second-round pick to the Phoenix Suns as part of the Amar’e Stoudemire sign-and-trade deal). However, Grunwald can spend up to $3 million of the company’s money to acquire any number of picks, so keep an eye on Kentucky swingman Darius Miller, Memphis swingman Will Barton, and Tennessee Tech’s Kevin Murphy—all of whom have the athleticism and size to play NBA defense.

If these options don’t seem particularly palatable, that’s because it’s hard to fill needs on a budget. Grunwald is going to have to look at options through Europe and the D-League to determine who can come off the bench and provide solid perimeter defense for a handful of minutes per game.

Grunwald doesn’t need to find another Shumpert—just someone who can keep his seat warm.

Knicks fans may not be excited about Miller now (“don’t seem particularly palatable”…jerk) but if they are lucky enough to land him in the second round of the draft, I have a pretty good feeling they won’t be disappointed.

Plus, it would be awesome watching Darius Miller and Josh Harrellson, two of the most beloved UK players ever, playing for the same NBA team.


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