Rajon Rondo led the league in secondary assists. What’s a secondary assist? Find out.


From ESPN Playbook…

Passing: It’s tough to analyze passers from team-to-team because two players can be in such different situations. Maybe Steve Nash was a better passer than Rajon Rondo in 2012 — although that’s like picking between the cheerleading captain and dance team captain — but Rondo has better teammates who hit a higher percentage of their jumpshots, which leads to more Rondo assists. But SportVU provides statistics that give context to assists, such as total passes, secondary assists (if Derrick Rose passes to Joakim Noah who quickly finds a wide-open Carlos Boozer under the hoop for a layup, Rose would receive a secondary assist), and shooting percentage after a particular player’s pass.


A great point guard will often set his teammates up for assists, but the point guard doesn’t get credit in the box score because his teammate made the extra pass. Not anymore.

Player GP Secondary assists per game Total assists per game
Rajon Rondo, Celtics 32 1.3 12.4
Jose Calderon, Raptors 31 1.0 10.3
Steve Nash, Suns 11 1.5 10.2
Derrick Rose, Bulls 11 1.7 10.2
Ricky Rubio, T’Wolves 26 0.6 8.6

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