Doron Lamb rated 5th best SG prospect by

20120520-022906.jpg had the audacity of putting Jeremy Lamb (lost in the first round), Bradley Beal (lost in the Elite Eight), Austin Rivers (lost in the first round) and Terrence Ross (NIT) in front of Doron Lamb on his list of the Top 10 shooting guards in the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft. Ummm…Doron was the leading scorer on a team that just won the national championship.

Just pin it on your board Lamb.


Doron Lamb
5. Doron Lamb 6-4 195 SG Kentucky So.

What strikes me about Lamb is his efficiency playing a position that’s vulnerable to low-percentage basketball. Lamb shot 47% from the floor, 46% from three, 82% from the stripe and turned it over once every 31 minutes as a combo-guard. He’s a safe bet to find a prominent role because of his natural shooting stroke and deceptive scoring ability. Rarely rattled by misses or pressure moments, Lamb has shined in situations where Kentucky needed a bucket. A solid athlete and willing defender, he’s likely to strengthen and provide depth to an NBA backcourt.

Ok, I guess he does say some pretty nice things, but Lamb should still be number one on this list.

When people are saying your are the next Michael Jordan (I’ve heard people say that) you should be number one on any list.

(source: here)


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