Eric Bledsoe and the Clippers need a miracle


The San Antonio Spurs are the only team in the 2012 NBA playoffs yet to lose a game. All together, they’ve won 17 games in a row, their last 10 regular season games plus 7 straight in the playoffs.

Tonight the Spurs will be looking to sweep the Los Angeles Clippers, who blew a 22-point lead in Game 3 to fall behind in the series 3-0.

Chris Paul has not been playing like Chris Paul

During the regular season Chris Paul averaged 19.8 points and 9.1 assists. Against the Spurs, he’s averaging 9.3 points (on 30% shooting) and 8.7 assists. Clearly, he’s not the same player. So much so in fact, that Eric Bledsoe is actually averaging more points a game (9.7) than Paul.

Obviously Vinny Del Negro seems compelled to stick with his All-Star point guard, but in the process, he’s preventing a future All-Star point guard from helping the Clippers win the series.

Bledsoe was sensational in Game 1, but since that game, his minutes have been sporadic and he hasn’t been given the same opportunities.

If I was Del Negro, I would be starting Bledsoe.

We find out how bad Del Negro wants to win the game tonight at 10:30.


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