Jodie Meeks is getting his rhythm back


From Delaware Online…

It might not have seemed like much when Collins put Jodie Meeks on the floor for the final minutes of a blowout loss in Game 3, a time NBA people fondly refer to as “garbage time.” For Meeks, it was much needed. He had become an afterthought in the playoffs. So playing at the end of Game 3 enabled him to get his rhythm back. Meeks scored 13 points on 4 for 9 shooting.

So once the Sixers fell behind by 18 in Game 4, Collins turned again to Meeks and he responded with perhaps the biggest shot of the night when he buried a 3-pointer with 9:49 left in the fourth quarter. That gave the Sixers their first lead of the game. Meeks finished with nine points in 12 minutes.

It’s nice to see Jodie back to doing what he does best, knocking down big shots. Hopefully it continues when the 76ers take on the Celtics in Game 5.

(source: here)


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  1. in your face

    You go Jodie. You have always had a sweet stroke.

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