New Orleans Hornets are infatuated with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist


If the ping-pong balls all bounce the way they’re supposed to, New Orleans will be making the fourth pick. I think they’re crazy to believe that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will still be available, but that doesn’t keep them from dreaming about the possibilities.

From Sports Nola

Behind the scenes, the Hornets are infatuated with Kentucky small forward Michael-Kidd Gilchrist. They love his ability to explode in the open floor, his leadership and his defensive prowess.

I know New Orleans just hosted the Final Four where Kentucky won the National Championship, and they have a great city according to my little brother, but I would hate for any UK player to end up there, especially Gilchrist.

It’s a long drive from Lexington, it’s best player went to Indiana, and at any moment the entire city could be a destroyed by a violent hurricane. They’ve never won a conference championship, let alone an NBA title. In 23 seasons they’ve compiled a 913–941 record. That’s pathetic. Even worse, they’re never on TV. Never. And if you think a player like Gilchrist would change that fact, tell me the last time you saw a Wizards or Kings game on TV?

Good teams play on television. The best situation for Gilchrist is to end up on a team that already has young, talented pieces in place (like the Wizards, Kings and Pistons) that he can help build into a team that’s winning games right away. No offense to Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman, but the Hornets roster is completely devoid of talent.

Ever heard of Gustavo Ayón? How about Darryl Watkins?

The Wizards might not be busting at the seems with talent, but they do have guys like John Wall, Jordan Crawford, and Shelvin Mack, all of whom have ties to the University of Kentucky. The Kings have Demarcus Cousins, Chuck Hayes and Tyreke Evans. The Pistons have Tayshaun Prince and Brandon Knight.

The best case for Gilchrist is to play for one of those teams.

I’m glad you’re infatuated New Orleans, but stay away from my Gilchrist.


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  1. Courteney

    You’re an idiot.

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