Jamaal Magloire launches Bollywood band for Toronto carnival


In addition to being the most bad ass Canadian to ever play at Kentucky (sorry Sheray Thomas) Jamaal Magloire also writes a blog and launches bands.

From BerbiceMarket.com

Last week the Toronto Revellers Mas camp, headed by Toronto Raptors captain Jamaal Magloire, revealed their costumes for the annual Caribana party in Toronto. Their theme? Bollywood.

“We have a strong team this year, and I’m excited to reveal the costumes that our masqueraders will be wearing during the parade in August,” Magloire said on his website. “We have assembled a group of great designers, creative minds, DJs, models, volunteers, and administrators to help us create the best costumes and the best carnival experience possible.”

The Reveller’s Band is Magliore’s way of contributing to Canada’s multicultural landscape. A non profit group with about 2000 members, Magloire’s organization won back to back competitions in 2007 and 2008, capturing “Band of the Year” titles. The Revellers joined Caribana in 2005.

“I love carnival. The sounds, the colours, the camaraderie, the festivities…it is a great way to celebrate my Caribbean heritage and a great way to include the younger generation—through through the junior carnival—so they don’t lose this important part of our legacy. Toronto’s carnival is a staple of the city, and I’m honoured to be able to play a role in its progress each year.”

What doesn’t Jamaal Magloire do?

Here is a video of the Carnival band launch.


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