Rondo has off night, Celtics lose to 76ers


It’s almost become expected that Rondo have double-digit assists every game, but tonight he wasn’t even close. Rondo finished with just 9 points (4-14 FG), 9 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals. It was the fewest assists Rondo has had since March 9th against Portland when he had just 5 assists in 28 minutes.

With Rondo not having a great game, the Celtics just couldn’t overcome Jodie Meeks 2 turnovers and 13 minutes and lost, 82-75.

Ok, maybe Meeks didn’t have a great game, but there was just something about his presence at the game that I believe led the 76ers to the victory. From my vantage point in Kentucky, he was the reason they won.

With the loss, the series will be heading back to Boston for a pivotal Game 7. No matter what happens, a UK player will be advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals, so that’s nice. While it’s nice to watch Jodie play 7 minutes a game and take an occasional shot, Rondo is the man for the Boston Celtics and I think most Kentucky fans would prefer to see Rondo advance.

No offense Jodie, but I would appreciate it if you could help the Celtics advance. It’s for a greater cause.


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