James Harden should study Eric Bledsoe


No one can duplicate what Eric Bledsoe does, but that shouldn’t stop James Harden from trying.

From Project Spurs…

As the Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder wait patiently to face each other on Sunday, there’s probably one Thunder player taking notes of the Spurs’ sweep of the Los Angeles Clippers. That player is most likely James Harden, and the footage he’s watching is probably that of Eric Bledsoe.

Using Bledsoe as a guide to find a way to attack the Spurs, Harden will be preparing himself well. Bledsoe had a 17-point game-one (8/10 FG) and a 23-point game-four (10/16 FG) against the Spurs. Bledsoe was quick, strong, and explosive at either getting to the rim or hitting the mid-range jumper with consistency. Harden is like Bledsoe on an even higher level. He’s quick, strong, taller, can drive and shoot, and Harden is a lefty which makes him a mirror version of Manu Ginobili in a way.

Bledsoe really exploited the Spurs’ lack of perimeter defense in their second unit, because Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, and Tony Parker were all busy defending Chris Paul, Randy Foye, and Caron Butler. Bledsoe really took advantage of Ginobili and especially Gary Neal. He was too quick for Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich to put Stephen Jackson on him, and the only time Bledsoe was limited was when either Green or Leonard were put to defend him on certain possessions.

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